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Wakanda Approved part deux

It was soooooooo hot this day. You would  never know it from the pictures but I was HOT & miserable! LOL I always have fun shooting with my car though. I am in love with anything classic especially cars. They are such beauties and do not look anything like the newer cars, which I love. I get compliments daily on my baby and I just adore her!

Mine is a 1983, 380SL Mercedes with a hard and soft top convertible. The hard top is removable and I have to keep to stowed away during the summer. It’s so much fun to drive and faster than you might think… has an V8 engine baby! I have to get her painted this winter as I have some rust spots but other than that she runs exceptionally well to be 36 years young! 🙂

My set is custom handmade of course and another beautiful print I found on sale this summer. I’ve always been a fan of short pleated skirts, they are just so girly and cute! I wear pleated all year long and I love to pair them with tights in the fall and winter. 

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