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So Blue


When I first laid my eyes on these boots from Zara I wanted them. They are so different and unique I just had to have them! Of course they were sold out in my size (7.5) online and no where to find locally. Uurrggghh??

I just so happen to be in DC one weekend, in September for Congressional Black Caucus weekend and decided to check the Zara store there. I mosey on over to Zara Saturday morning after a fun night out and they’re sold out too uuuurrrghh! Determined to get these boots, I asked the bubbly sales associate if she could check their VA store which is about 25 minutes away. She calls and juuuuuust my luck, someone just returned those boots in my size!! GASP!! I promptly asked them if they can put them on hold, they obliged and I picked those bad boys up the next day before I headed back home. YAAAY!

The oversized Blazer dress is Zara as well.

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