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Skin care essentials for great skin

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1) Your skin is always thirsty! Stay hydrated.

This is the simplest tip of them all, but you must stay committed to drinking at least eight glasses of water a day because lack of water to the body results to less radiance and more sag to the skin. Drinking water could also prevent signs of aging such as eye bags and wrinkles.


2) Moisturize! 

This must be done day and night especially after a shower or when she washes her face, its advised to avoid lotion with heavy fragrances, you know we ladies are crazy of what smells well, right? But creams with natural supplements such as honey and milk are much preferred for a great skin.


3) Avoid harmful habits:

This consists of touching the face frequently. My rule is, I do not touch my face unless my hands are freshly washed. Period! Aside from exposing your skin to germs and dirt; you’re exposing yourself to illness. I love the sun but in moderation. Avoiding the sun as much as possible also falls into this category, other tips include using public or dirty makeup brushes, skipping your skincare routine, itching the skin so hard to cause irritations and using too many products on the skin. You must also avoid dust on your skin which could block your sweat pores. Doing any of these could cause skin infections or irritation of the area.

4) Stay healthy:

A healthy lifestyle equals a healthy skin; therefore you must avoid junk foods, exercise regularly, eat healthily and have a good sleeping routine.


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