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If you are a girly girl and love fashion then the name Carrie Bradshaw should be apart of your vocabulary! My girl Carrie and yes yes yes I know she’s a fictional character yes we know! However, she is the realist fictional character in any fashionista and hopeless romantic life!

She is the reason I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Manolo Blahnik Hangsi. They first caught my eye when she wore them in a scene on Sex and the City. If I am not mistaken, she may have made these classic now famous pumps, famous. She has also single handily taught me so much about fashion and boys, yep she sure did. Her relationship advice is universal for any girl of any dating age that can relate too.

So naturally, when I saw this Mr. BIG (Carrie’s Boo) sweatshirt in Zara I just had to get it!


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