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July 9th

July 9th is my birthday, hence the 9th in “9thCason,” lol. I am a true Cancer through and through! All the characteristics associated with Cancer is me all the way! Yes I am a crabby crab LOL

I am also one of those people that celebrate all month and season for my birthday. This year I spent part of my birthday weekend in Chicago, which is by far one of my favorite cities and the other portion in Atlanta. The picture on this post is Chicago, at one of my favorite rooftops, London House. The views from their rooftop of the city are amazing! I usually do it way big on my birthday but this year I was low key and chill. I am just grateful for good health, my career, family & friends and the ability to be able to travel wherever & whenever I want. Details and link on my outfit are below.

Skirt Set: Urban Outfitters Here

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